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Monday, November 23, 2009

Darling Deere

I'm not sure what to call this post, so I'll rename it later.

What's been happening? Well, not much, but I can't seem to find time to do anything, either.

Been painting ... or not really. I ran out of trim paint, and after Kirk walked into my yellow and green dining room and said, "John Deere!" ... I've sort of lost my gusto to continue painting. Not really. But that's a great excuse.

He's right. It's those exact colors. I looked online and they actually have a John Deere wallpaper border! I'll put a border in the dining room to break up the color, and it will probably have a tractor on it, but not that one.

Anyway, the living room sits waiting for a second coat of trim paint. And I haven't gotten to it yet.

So I decided to start breaking up tile in the kitchen.

The slate tile on the kitchen counter ... no problem. It goes, "plink!" "plink" with each smack of the hammer, and the little 4"x4" squares come off pretty easily.

On to the floor. Ha! These are 16"x16" tiles ... all 3/4" slate. Nasty nasty stuff. Swinging the hammer as hard as I can, and little tiny pieces break off, leaving much of the tile intact. So frustrating. Dynamite might work. I'd love to have this done by Friday to Kirk can come in and lay the new tile, but I don't know if it will be done by then.

Talked to Jaenne today, and Justin tonight. Told him that Jaenne was talking about cooking Thanksgiving dinner here at Kirk and Janie's (they are going to Janie's brother's girlfriend's house for dinner and are letting us use their house seeing as I don't have one yet! LOL). Jaenne makes killer Korean food, and Justin likes it, too, so we're all set to go! (By the way, Jaenne, Justin said noon is fine.)

Oh and while I'm thinking of it ... Colleen ... I looked at my disk with all of the photos on it. I have a lot of photos of you and Reena on there, so I will burn them all to a disk and send them to you ... promise! Email me your address and I will get it done. I was going to call you tonight, but it got too late. See above comment about time! Yikes!

Had someone come by the other day for an instinct test. Used Zip to break off some sheep and then be the backup dog. For the most part, he did a very nice job. He's such a pleasure to work, as he seems to know what I want or need. Or maybe it's that I know his working style so well, that I adjust my needs to fit his style. I have no idea ... either way ... I love that dog. He's quite useful. And he's all heart. If he can't convince the sheep to do what he wants because he's too nice about it, he will keep trying and stick with it and try different things to see what works -- all the while continuing to be real nice. It's great when I have newbies watching and he's not nipping or gripping or causing a wreck, but it can take a bit longer, when one good hit would get the job done in a hurry. That's the tradeoff I guess.

Janie's been working Echo, or at least using her when she needs to move sheep around and such. I don't know who's having more fun ... Janie or Echo! LOL!

Found a vet in Caldwell that will test hips relatively cheaply. I need to get Echo scheduled.

Bought some black curtains for the bedroom tonight. Hopefully I can put them up this weekend and get the bedroom completed and at least have that room out of the way.

Need to head to bed. More pounding at the tile tomorrow. Teeth will rattle, ears will ring, spiders will complain about me waking their broods, and the mice will plot their reign of terror to be executed on my first night of sleep there.


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  1. Oh no, John Greene! Hey here's a name for your place, or did I already tell you. So its Deer Flat National Widlife Refuge (NWR), so its Darling Fields Natural Working Ranch (NWR). Darling Fields, your fields, that what you see out your windows and off your beautiful porch :)
    Anyway, great, I'll send you may address. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Mmm Jeanne's Korean food.