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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Finally! Some photos of lil' Whiskey!

I brought her in the house tonight to see if I could get a decent shot of her. I failed miserably, but here are a few shots I attempted. She moves pretty quick, so it was really testing my skills to get something in focus.

Hmmm ... What is she looking at?


Apparently Whiskey felt it was in her best interest to try to charm the pantaloons off him.

No, it never did work. He was not real happy she was in his castle.

"My mom and my gramps have some very very nice ears. Did anyone see my good ones lying around? Echo keeps laughing at me."

"Here. Do they look better if I do this?"

"How about like dis?"

"Do you think Santa will bring me some if I put it on my list?"


  1. Is that the same cute pup you were toting around at the Finals?

  2. Oh yes ... that's her. She's getting big way too quick!