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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Cool Part of Painting

So yesterday, Echo and I sorted sheep. She wasn't convinced I knew what I wanted, so we had a heart to heart. I finally got sick of arguing with her. I made it very clear that she is to do what I say and that's it. Afterwards, we got some really good work done. She is just fearless and I love that about her. We had to sort off 5 or 6 sheep to take over to someone's place so they can be walking lawnmowers. We also needed the rams. All of them. One of them (the horned one) was going to go as payment to someone that let us graze on his place this summer, but he decided he didn't want him, and we'll just sell the ram and pay the guy instead. And I needed to bring Pepe and Janie's ram to a friend of Janie's so she could choose a ram to visit with her girls. Well, the rams were none too pleased. Pepe is a "man" now ... not my cute little black ram lamb that I can pick up and kiss all the time. He doesn't even see me as a safe place to be. But man is he gorgeous! I can't wait to see what he puts out as far as babies.

Oh back to the Monster. The horned ram wanted nothing to do with Echo, had no confidence in Echo's abilities, and was going to get rid of her. So he lowered his head and tried to slam her into next week. He was too slow. He got her, but when he pulled his head back, he had a dog firmly attached to his nose. It made a believer out of him, and we didn't have any more problems with him the whole time.

So we loaded them up (that was not easy ... 5 lambs and 3 rams ... go figure) and made our deliveries. I dropped the trailer back off and headed to Marsing for some lunch. Then back to my house to spackle off the living room, and finish up painting the edges of yellow in the dining room. I was rather bummed out about the way the bedroom came out with all of the bleed-through of the black on white, lost interest, and headed back to Janie's for a beer. We figured out a plan for the evening as we were all going to the hoedown, and then Janie told me to go get back to work. Reluctantly, I loaded up the truck and headed out.

I decided to try to clean up the black and white. I can't just leave it there, hating it. So I grabbed a little itty bitty brush, and some white paint, cranked the tunes and went to work. And I think I found the best part of painting! I loved it! I totally have the patience for this type of tedious, time-consuming detail stuff! And it looks great! Janie called me later and said, "We're on our way to pick you up." 2 1/2 hours had gone by and I didn't even realize it! I have a little bit left to do in there, but it's almost completely done now, and I love the way it looks!

Off to the hoedown we went. What an unbelieveably talented bunch of young people ... all led by a very dear friend of Janie's. Amazing! And so fun!

Need to go sand the spackle and start laying the white in the living room.


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