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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Destruction is good

We've had a busy weekend.  Thanksgiving was fun!  Jaenne came over, and brought my son with her.  It was good to see them both.  Jaenne cooked us some awesome Korean food for dinner, and I provided the baked apple pie that I actually made myself (well, Janie made the crust, and then held my hand through the rest of it). 

Friday, Janie and I went over to the house and continued to clean up the floor.  She manned the power tool and I cleaned up around her.  Kirk came by and started destructing.  We were going to keep the backsplash, but Kirk made an executive decision to ditch the hideous shit and, thereby, force me to do something about it.  I couldn't have been happier!  I am so sick of looking at that slate crap.  He also decided to get rid of the countertop all together and replace it with new stuff, and also removed the "appliance cubby" that I didn't need, so now I have more countertop space. 

Here's the tile I bought for the floor, so this is what I had to match.

Here's what the countertop looked like with the tile off, before Kirk decided to replace the entire thing.

So Janie and I went to Home Depot and found this tile.  It's 2" x 2" pieces in a 12" x 12" layout.  I love it!

So we'll use that for the countertop ... and then this for the accent on the white backsplash.

So ... Saturday morning, I swing by the house after taking my first truckload of stuff over, and I washed some of the walls, cleaned and prepped some of the trim to paint, and put a second coat on some of the trim in the living room.  I had, of course, my buddy with me. 

Yes, that's paint on her.  I haven't bothered trying to wash it off, as the dogs' favorite places to lay seem to be right up against wet paint.

So I worked on de-icking some stuff.  Like the bathtub.

And the toilet ...

I'm not going to bother with this sink, as I have a new sink/vanity waiting to be installed.

Here's the stove that came with the place.  People who saw this when I first saw it won't recognize it now.  But it's been de-icked for the most part and now just needs a good cleaning.

Here's the kitchen without the countertops with the backsplash removed.

(I wonder if anyone is even reading this or cares!  LOL!  In any event, this will be fun for me to look at when this is all said and done.)

How do you like the previous colors used?  LOL!

Kirk showed up and the construction started.  Here's the new countertop.

And the floor is starting to look awesome!!

I have to say ... this whole process has been an amazing experience.  I have learned a ton, and there is so much more to get through.  There will really be no way for me to thank Kirk and Janie for all this ... ever.  I am just really lucky that they adopt pathetic saps like myself and try to make their lives much better than when they started. 

Happy tails,


  1. Its going to look awesome when your done. and yes it's nice to have before and after pictures.

  2. Hi Jodi: Regarding your comment as to whether anyone was reading this -- I read your blog daily. I love it. I am obsessed with all of the home improvement shows on HGTV and this is like watching one of those. I love seeing the before and after pictures. It already looks so good!!

  3. Thanks Jennifer! Do we know eachother? Your profile is not accessible...

  4. Jodi: Its Jennifer Renaud your former favorite coworker from RDF.

  5. Jennifer Renaud??? Well, sheet howdy! How are you? How are things in good old L.A.?

  6. Hello Jodi!! Things are good - I can't complain.