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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The bed is in!

Well, the person who took my bed brought it back this morning.  He didn't knock at the door, and I didn't go out there.  I'm sure he felt like a heel.  So he returned it to exactly how he found it. 

I finished washing the floor in the bedroom this morning, and then moved the frame, mattress and box spring in.  I never put that frame together before.  What a hassle.  Oh well, it's done and it works.

I took down all of the trim tape in the dining room and living room.  I am going to have to walk around with a pallet of the various colors and fill in some crap.  The tape took some of the paint with it, and some of my sloppy painting needs cleaning up.  Far from a professional job.  Oh well.

Hung the big light in the storage building and got that working again.

Also got the light working in the pump house.  It's got a 100 watt bulb in there so nothing freezes. 

The big project for the day was getting the sheep situated.  We have sheep in three different places, which means we need water (not ice) in all three.  We had two de-icers.  Janie only had one available plug at her place, so I needed to figure something out for that.  Went to D&B and got another de-icer and another extension cord and a converter thing.  Swung by my house, cut a short piece of hose, filled up the water tank at my place, threw a de-icer in it on a short extension cord (way easy ... the plug is right next to the water spigot ... woo hoo!) and headed up to Janie's.  Of course ... the wind was blowing ... big time.

The two water jugs were filled with ice.  Needed to break that out.  Had turned the little heater on in the well pump earlier so that it thawed the spigot so I could even get water.  Hooked up the two de-icers, got the water flowing and filled them all up.  Several sheep look like they are about to pop.  I'm ready for them now.  Janie got some straw before she left, so we have a good lambing area.  C'mon fatties!

Gotta go feed dogs.  Chow. 




  1. FYI you can get by in the well house with a lesser wattage bulb. Neighbor the other day said he only uses a 40 watt in his. Right now I'm packing water to the horses because the hose is froze. Not fun. To far to run a cord.

  2. A 100 watt bulb was recommended to me by the contractor for this little building. I am not too worried about it. I would hate for it to freeze because I was cheap.

    For frozen hoses, you can drag it into a warm place, let it thaw, use it, and then when you're done using it, hang it long ways on a fence line, keeping the entire thing elevated, apart from the two ends. Then it will drain and you can use it again the next time. I weave mine through the top of the fence for the winter, leaving enough slack to be able to hook it to the spigot, and get the other end into the bucket. Works great. If you don't kno

  3. Sorry...battery died in the keyboard. I was going to say, if you don't know what I mean, let me know and I'll see if I can find a photo for you.