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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Clawfoot Stuff!

Woke up this morning in that nice comfy bed with Zip at my side.  I did not want to move.  Echo was ... somewhere being Echo. 

It was about 9 degrees outside. 

It was about 73 degrees in my room.  I'm sure I'll pay dearly for that when the electric bill comes.

I needed to get up, though.  And take a shower.  My first shower in the clawfoot tub in the new house.  I've been showering in the clawfoot tub at J&K's, but mine is not nearly as nice as theirs, or properly set up. For starters, the vinyl shower curtains have no liners and are dark blue.  Those will be changed pretty quickly.  Second, there is no shower adapter.  The shower head is a handheld that sits on a cradle just above the faucet.  That was kind of a hassle, and I'm sure it will continue to be.  However, in looking at the supply places online, a shower conversation is very expensive.  Until .... I found a really cool site called Clawfoot Alley.  They have a full line of clawfoot tub faucets and accessories from top of the line to poor-broke-white-trash-affordable.  So now I am rethinking getting rid of the tub at all.  If I can afford to customize it, I think I am going to keep it, rather than doing the walk-in shower.  Keeping the tub would probably do more for the resale value of the house than having no tub at all.  When I'm rich, I can have the tub re-finished and have it look as nice as J&K's.  Just called a re-finisher and they charge about $500 for the inside, and $200 for the outside.  Now I need to look at the tub to see if it's something I'd bother with.  I know it's not something I'd do myself.  Too many chemicals involved.

I am going to get a riser for the faucet, though, so I can have a stabilized shower head.  I think I am also going to keep the handheld also.  There is a way to do this.  With the weather being such that it is, I just might take a bath!  I haven't done that in probably 20 years. 

Something I realized this morning ... I don't have a sink that works in the house.  I brushed my teeth while hanging over the tub this morning.  Ha!  The kitchen sink is in my storage building until the countertop gets tiled, and my bathroom sink is that awful, plugged up, pedestal sink.  I bought a vanity with a new sink, and now I need to figure out how to replace it ... or start sleeping with a contractor/ handyman/ plumber/ electrician.  I need some lights installed and some electrical outlets fixed, etc.  This could be a nice arrangement.  LOL!



  1. I can send John over to work, he is an electrician. He snores loudly though - put him in the outbuilding or you will never sleep.

    Seriously, when we are in Idaho in January if you have a few small easy things he can do quickly I am sure he would be happy to help out.

  2. Yeah but what about the other part of the arrangement???? ;-)

    Oh there will ALWAYS be stuff to do here. If you want to put him to work, I have a mile long "honey do" list! And I'd love the help!