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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Schtuff

I failed miserably this weekend at taking very many photos. Go me!

Sowhat was there to take photos of? Lambs. We had a couple. One allwhite. One white with a black head. Both girlies. So cute.

Icleaned out the area in front of the corral, and moved the fencelinefor the sheep. I could have showed you all of that, but ... I can't. Nophotos.

Whisker-Butt. I put her on sheep for thesecond time today (first time was for a couple of minutes at a demowhen she was knee-high to a grasshopper). She was so fun! A live wire!She definitely prefers one side to the other, but from the time shewalked in to the time she left, there was never any questions as to whyshe was there. She kicked out nicely, and got a little tighter the moreconfident she got, never hesitated even when the sheep tried to hide inthe corner, and even gripped them out of there. I was pretty impressed!It will be a while before I put her on again, but it was fun! No photosof that either. I rock, don't I?

One thing I did getphotos of was the progress on the tile. The backsplash is about 75%done. The only reason it's not completely done is my fault. I didn'tbuy enough tile, and now Home Depot tells me they discontinued it, andthe only store that has any in stock is clear on the opposite side ofBoise. Rrrgh. Anyway, Jim and Rin have done an awesome job on this! Ilove it!

One of the coolest things was what was sitting on the counter when I got there to check it out!

Meet ... Groutcho!

Isn't he adorable?

Happy tails,

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