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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cool, crisp day ...

Here are a few photos from my walk yesterday.  I found out that the area directly across from me, and all the way East, is closed to ... well ... everything.  I walked West and found a legal entry to the lake about 1/4 mile up the road.  Anyway, on my walk, I saw a hawk.  Not sure what kind, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was a Swainson's.  (Colleen just corrected me ... it's a juvenile red-tail ... ) 

I know there are people who see a lot of hawks and don't think much of it, and probably think I'm crazy because I get all excited every time I see one.  I love it.  I love watching them soar and wish I could do that myself.  They are majestic to me.  I wish I knew more about them to readily identify them properly, but I'll get it eventually.  I need to get myself a good bird book.  I don't know where my little one went in the move.

I went up to Janie's the feed all the animals.  A few lousy pics of a really cute puppy.  (All of these photos were taken while I was on the phone.  How lazy, eh?)

Thankfully her ears didn't come up.  She would have looked like this.  [Mustering up the best fake laugh I can manage.]

I think we had a new lamb, which now actually made 8. I noticed the black headed Dorpers don't twin much. Here's what I saw when I first walked over there.  I lowered my voice to my friend that I was still talking to and started to creep over.

It wasn't until I got up behind them and very close to them that one stood up.

Here's Venus and Serena.

As soon as it gets light out, I need to go check on this ewe.  I believe this is the ewe that attempted to have triplets last year.  I hope she's okay.

This was the first lamb born this season.  Isn't he adorable?  I love his markings.

This one has interesting markings, too.  This was is a ewe lamb.

A ewe.

Colleen is headed down on Wednesday.  I am going to work on getting the bathroom back in functioning order now that it's "done" being painted.  I have a lot of little things to screw back on the wall and a little bit of paint to touch up.  Would also like to get my dog run done today too.

We'll see ...