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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Shopping?

Came home last night and fed the sheep, then headed over to J&K's and fed all of those sheep, the ducks and all of the dogs.  Went back to my house and did ... well ... nothing. 

Got up early this morning and painted the bathroom.  The good news is, the second coat of paint is done.  The bad news is .. it could probably use a third coat ... and it's not getting one!  So ha!

I'm charging the battery to my camera.  One of my co-workers is coming by to see my house ... and the lambs!  Yes, we have a bunch of them ... hence the reason I am charging my battery.  We already had a couple on the ground, but yesterday morning, Janie found four more, and when I got there last night, there was another one.  Everyone looks good.  Looks like quite a few ewe lambs.  That's great for us, but doesn't leave us with much to sell.  There are two black ewe lambs with the "snow" on their backs, but I'm not nuts about their coats.  It's tight, curly hair.  Pepe's hair, when he was just a yidda bit, was nice and sfot and cuddly.

So, it looks like I'm going to have to go to Walmart today at some point.  (Maybe not...)  I need to get some food to cook for dinner at Justin's tomorrow night, and I'd also like to pick him up something.  I'll do some real shopping for him early next year, but I'd like for him to have something to open tomorrow.  I just can't believe I am thinking about trying to get through Walmart today.


So, once Em and her daughter get here, we're headed over to see the lambs and I can feed everyone while I'm there.  I'll also pick up a couple more ranch panels so I can get my dog run together.  I'd love to have my dogs here.  It's time.  I put Jag's dog bed in my bedroom.  It's waiting for him. 

I'll try to get some good pics of the Whisker Butt today too.  She is such an adorable puppy.  I don't even like puppies really ... but she is about as cute as they come personality wise. 

It's a gorgeous day out.  Going out to enjoy it.  Photos later...

Have fun, all! 


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