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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Skar's Daughter

After doing chores last night, I decided to take Zip and Whiskey to the house, and leave Echo and Jag kenneled.  Whiskey has spent much of her short life as part of the pack without a whole lot of one on one interaction from me.  I spent quite a bit of time with her when I first got her, and I was hoping that the short, early bonding period would stick around some.  Thankfully, so far, it has.  The trip to my house wasn't nearly as adventurous as I thought it would be.  She hadn't been in my truck since I moved out of my rental in early October, and at that, it was always in a crate.  Here she was ... loose.  While she had no idea what to make of it, she was a very good girl.

Got to my house, let her out on leash, told her to go potty, and she squatted and peed.  Good girl.

Took her in the house with Zip and she explored every nook and cranny she could find while I cleaned a muddy crate, dried it and prepared it for her for later.

The last time Colleen was down, she brought Whiskey a couple of squeaky sheepies.  Well, we broke them out for the first time last night, and she had a ball with them!  She was completely content playing by herself, especially when she figured out how to deliberately make it squeak!  She'd throw it up in the air, run at it, stomp on it with her front paws and go sliding across the floor while it went, "ssssqqqqeeeeaaaaaakkkkk!"  Over and over and over again.  She'd throw her body on it, she'd hike it, she'd chase it, and start all over again.  Too funny!  My camera wasn't thawed enough at that point to take pictures, but I am sure there will be plenty of those photos to come.  I love it when dogs can entertain themselves.  They are a kick in the pants to watch!  Skar used to do that when she was young.

After the play session, she snoozed on the bed for a bit while I checked my email and stuff.  Got some shots of her while she was hanging out with Zip.  Zip is not impressed that this is his beloved granddaughter.  He's not real fond of puppies.  Period.

This has got to be one of the goofiest looking puppies ... but her personality is nothing short of adorable!

All of these photos are very similar, but I'm posting them anyway.  Get ready for some red redundancy.

And here's Mr. Crabby.  He had just put his lip down.  He almost couldn't breath because of how crumpled his face was just two seconds earlier.

That's all for now.

Happy tails,


  1. This playing technique must run in the family...Mo still does this and I still get a kick out of it.

  2. awww too cute and my fav. red color too!