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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dashing through the snow ...

Fun weekend!  Can't post about some of it in case there are certain people reading, so you'll just have to take my word for it!  :-)  Saw new places, did new things, some of it I will do again, and some of it I won't.  But overall, had a great time.

For the parts of the weekend where I wasn't distracted with extracurricular activities, I did work on the house some.  I tried to finish painting the trim in the hallway, and just failed miserably.  I'm so sick of painting contrasting colors.  I painted the insides of the windowsills in the dining room, living room, and hallway white, so that looks better anyway.  Have some touchup throughout to work on.

I also prepped the bathroom for paint, and bought some antique white to do with it.  I am NOT painting the trim different colors.  It is going to be one boring color throughout.  I'll add a border and some colored accessories, but the paint is going to be plain boring old antique white.

Kirk and crew ... yes, he had a crew this weekend ... consisited of his son, Jim, and his daughter-in-law, Rin (short for Catherine ... Katherine ... Kathryn???).  Rin used to lay tile professionally.  Woo hoo! And Jim wanted to learn.  Kirk supervised.  ;-)   The countertop looks awesome!  It's all thin-setted, and we're waiting for it to dry so it can be grouted.  I'll take some photos tonight. 

We went back to the Naf's and had some awesome homemade tacos for dinner.  Yummy!

The goal this week is to finish the trim in the hallway and get the kitchen painted.  Once that's done, I can start prepping the kitchen for paint.  Keeping paint off my new tile is going to make me crazy, I'm sure.

A funny thing happened today.  I used to have a friend (or so I thought) that I hung out with for quite a while.  She has a very pussy-whipped husband and a couple of kids.  We don't talk anymore ... for reasons that will remain unsaid here.  (Mainly ... she's nuts ... off her rocker ... sidewalk doesn't go to the street.)  In any event, I used to work in a building very close to her PW husband, used to talk to him quite a bit, and in fact, several times, he's put me in a very awkward position, talking to me about things about his wife that he probably shouldn't be telling his wife's "friend."  (None of it ever got back to her ... not because I wouldn't dare do something like that, but because I couldn't imagine what his poor life would be like if his wife every heard any of it.)

Anyway, I have Zip with me today.  He's good company on the commute.  At lunchtime, I take him for a walk, and go get some lunch.  Today, I went to one of my favorite sandwich shops.  It's on a corner, and two sides of the building are floor to ceiling windows.  In front is a little area with a railing around it that, I'm sure, is used for outside seating when the weather is nice.  I put Zip in that little area and tied him to the railing.  He stared at the door the whole time, waiting for me to come out.  While I am waiting, I am standing just inside the window, looking out at Zip.  A familiar face walks right past, looks at me, looks at the dog, quickly looks straight ahead, walks around the corner (and is now on the other street that sidles the sandwich shop), and looks over his shoulder right at me.  Yes, it's the PW husband.  Obviously recognized me and ignored me, and is now avoiding looking at me.  He's putting money in the meter for his car.  In the meantime, my sandwich is ready, and the clerk hands it to me and I leave and go out to untie Zip.  Here comes PW.  He's got to pass right by me.  He won't look at me.  Just as he gets in front of me, I say, "Hi (PW)."  It's an old favorite stunt of mine.  He looks at me, and now he has two choices.  1)  Ignore me and keep walking and appear to be an asshole; or, 2) Stop, look at me, fake surprise, say hello, engage in stumbling through some small talk as if he never knew me, and thereby confirm he's an asshole.  Can you guess which one PW picked?  Yes, 2.  Trying not to laugh at how obviously uncomfortable he was, I was going to let him out of his misery, wish him good day and be on my way.  Before I could do that, his uncomfortableness got the better of him, and rather than looking at me, chose to look at Zip and say, "And who is this?"  (Because Zip looks so much like ALL other Border Collies, one couldn't possibly figure out who he was, especially if you knew us as well as PW and his wife did.)  I said, "That's Zip."  He said ... seriously ... "Still?"  Yes, still. 

I felt really bad for PW, which is very unlike me.  So bad, in fact, that I felt a need to wrap this up and let him go before he pissed his pants.  I asked about the kids, wished him a Merry Christmas and headed out. 

Laughing all the way ...

Happy tails,

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  1. I guess it is too late to tell you the secret to painting trim contrasting colors? The secret is NOT tape. Tape makes a mess...