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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still Painting ...

Came home tonight and finished up the second coat of trim in the bathroom and got the first coat of rolling done.  I can't believe I'm still painting.  And I'm mad at myself for not getting the trim in the hallway done.  I am going to finish that in the next couple of days.  I am not starting on the kitchen until the rest of this is done.  And if I don't start on the kitchen, I can't move my fridge in and stuff.  I'd ultimately like to have my stuff out of storage by New Year's, but it doesn't look like that will even happen. 

Anyway, here's the unfinished bathroom.


So glad the awful slate blue color that was there is now gone.  I didn't bother doing the ceiling.  Maybe I'll do that later ... like five years from now.  Yeah.  Sure.

I need to put a water shutoff at the base of the clawfoot tub.  I found the materials ... now to just figure out how to do it.  And fix the leak in the faucet.

There's always something.  I start to wonder if I'll ever be done.

So the blog ... yeah ... not sure what to do with it.  I was looking at other blog hosts, but I don't have the energy to convert this over.  So I guess I'll be sticking with blogger and trying to work out the kinks. 

I hope part of this weekend is nice so I can go out and set up some pens for the dogs. 

We have a Dianne Deal clinic set for February 6th ... a one-day thing ... if anyone is interested.

Still haven't figured out a name for this place.  Buck Ewe Ranch?  Buck Off Ranch?  Oh did I tell you the story of the buck on my deck?  I don't have the energy to type that one up.

I think I have skin cancer.  Need to go find out.

Christmas will be weird.  Janie and Kirk will be out of town.  Having no family around is odd.  Last year, I wanted nothing more than to spend 4 days by myself.  This year, I am going over to Justin's to spend some time with him and to cook dinner, but other than that, I'll be here working on this place.  I will make it a big shindig next year.  (I keep saying that.)

I think I am going to start advertising for sponsors.  Personal sponsors.  You pick a room of my house, and when you make a donation for that room, the money goes toward the supplies to fix it up, and when I blog it, all the credit goes to you.  Isn't that great?  Yeah, I figured you'd like it.

Country music is starting to irritate me.  So many artists sing songs about God.  If there's separation between church and state, I think there should be separation between church ... and cowboys.  There's a song called, "There is a God."  It was originally sung by Trent Willmon.  It was recently re-done by Lee Ann Womack.  While I really like the Willmon version, Womack has done a respectable version of it.  It's a beautiful tune ... apart from the lyrics.  "There is a God.  How much proof do you need?"  Um ... how about a shred?  Just one. 

"Try and put your arms around the 100 year old tree
Climb up on a horse and let it run full speed
Take a look out at the world from 30,000 feet
on your next flight"

Yeah ... it's nature.  It's the world.  Oh wait, that was the whole Adam & Eve thing and how the world was built in 6 days and the ark thing and stuff, right?  Yeah.

"Stop and think about
what you don't understand
Things like life and love
and how the world began
Hear the doctor say he can't explain it,
but the cancer is gone"

Yeah, Eve was a rib from Adam.  That's how it all started right?  How many people were told this fairy tale?  I know I was.

Oh yeah, and the cancer is gone?  Yeah, whose???  Not my mother's.  She's still dead.  Dad too.  So if "God" is making cancer go away on certain people but not others, I'm suing for discrimination.  Racism.  Something.

The holidays couldn't pass fast enough.

Bah Humbug.


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